Medieval Festival (October 3) Report.

We thank all the volunteers who sang and gave out Pinewoods fliers and newsletters.  This festival requires medieval costumes, and all the participants were gloriously attired in exotic clothing. 

Mark Hamburgh suggested that we participate and made all the arrangements. He helped set up and take down our booth, and tirelessly handed out fliers. Don Wade and Eileen Pentel brought all the equipment and materials, helped set up the booth, and collated and distributed fliers. Rosalie Friend coordinated the undertaking and also gave out fliers. The siren songs of Jerry Epstein, Heather Wood, Alan Friend, Ann Price, Robert Rodriquez, Bob Rosensweet, Charlotte Nugent, and Alan Marsh with the Solstice Singers, drew people to our booth. Thanks also to Marilyn Suffet for donating fabric and some costume parts.

I think we all enjoyed the festival despite the cold.

Rosalie Friend

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