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The creation of the group Nordet starts in the beginning of the 1990s, the crew was formed of 3 Lorient sailors.  This group evolved in the course of the stopovers and sea fortunes to arrive at the ideal crew, marrying traditional Breton, “a cappella” songs, working songs of diverse horizons of the Atlantic coast, to the North of Scotland, without forgetting the masterful traditional or contemporary compositions.  The Nordet’s sailors are neither novices in the maritime domain, nor in the musical domain; three of them work in the shipbuilding and the fourth is stringed-instrument maker. They all play traditional instruments with great panache without forgetting their voices which they use with virtuosity. They have been singing since their adolescence in all the festivals along the coast of Brittany and display a mixture of humour and reverence.  Nordet has performed in many European venues and festivals, most recently in Ireland.  The group officially represented France several times, notably in The Netherlands during the International Shanty Festival for the 400th anniversary of the Dutch-India Company.  Their talent exposes itself everywhere you wish it and they invite you to come to share their enthusiasm and use their breath to animate your shows.


Pierre Guillemot

vocals / Bodhran

Pierre is our singing leader, accostumed to sing since his childhood in all festivals or maritime shows of Lorient, his home town. He is the official composer of the group. From time to time he also tries to play bodrhan.
Francis Arzul

Francis ARZUL
vocals / Diatonic Accordions / Flute

The smallest by the size but not by the talent, Francis, plays diatonic accordion and flute. He tries in spite of his small size to cover the others.

Daniel Lafontaine
vocals / Bouzouki / Violon / Guitar

Daniel, stringed-instrument maker is the dean of the crew and so the wisest. He plays bouzouki, violin and guitar.

Philippe Falquerho

vocals / Guitar

Philippe is the youngest of the crew. Born into a family of Breton singers and dancers, he decided to change his repertoire during his holidays along the maritime coasts of Brittany and try since this time to cover the sound of the Breton bagpipes with his voice and his guitar.

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DiscographieNordet Logo

Croisière en bouteille CD 15 titres 1997

Gens de cordes et de sac CD 12 titres 2001

Transports Maritimes CD 13 titres 2008


Festival des 15 marins La Turballe

Festival Interceltique Lorient

Festival de chants de marins Paimpol

Festival international chants de marins Hoorn (NL)

Fête de l'huma Bretagne Lanester

Départ de la transat Lorient / st Barth Lorient

Festival chants de marins Appingedam (NL)

Festival chants de marins Tarnow (PL)

Festival chants de marins Liverpool (UK)

Festival chants de marins Cobh (Irl)

Press Clippings (5M pdf)

Press ClippingsPress Clippings(5M pdf)

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