N.Y. Pinewoods Weekend Camp Survey

We'd like your input on our weekend camps. Camp Isabella Freedman is raising its rates, and we're looking at other options.

This on-line form doesn't work for everyone (AOL users may have problems). You should see an email appear with your answers in it. If not, you can print out the form and mail it to Heather Wood, 444 W 54 St #7, NYC 10019 or just send your answers via email.

Please rank the 11 items below in order of how important they are to you when deciding to come to camp. (primary reason = 1, secondary reason = 2, etc., least important = 11)

Activities (pool, boats, etc.:
Close to NYC
Distance between activities:
Sense of community:
Please specify:
Which performers would you like to have?:
Must have single room:
Must have private bath:
Would accept dormitory-style accommodation if much cheaper:
Other comments:
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Regular weekend attendee:
Been to one or two weekends:
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