Spirituals & Gospel: African-American Roots of American Music with Lindsey Wilson – November 17

The Negro Spiritual had for many years been a doorway of hope, endurance, and fortitude for enslaved African people. This doorway has rejuvenated itself into yet another powerful musical portal that African-Americans call Gospel. Join Lindsey Wilson as she explores the musical message behind this revolutionary platform and how it forms one of the enduring roots of contemporary American music.

Lindsey Wilson is a New York City based singer, songwriter, guitarist, band leader, and educator with a flair for nostalgia with her memorable mix of 70’s style urban folk rock and conscious lyrics. Throughout her musical career, Lindsey has embraced issues of the heart and mind within her original music. Love songs, protest tunes, and lyrics of empowerment have all been a true representation of her style and sensibilities. Her songs Stand for the People and The People Shall Rise have caught the attention of culturally diverse audiences throughout the country. Lindsey’s influences stem from a myriad of musically conscious voices, such as Odetta, Richie Havens, Joni Mitchell, and Joan Armatrading. However, Lindsey’s message is truly her own. Website: https://lindseywilsonmusicnow.com

Lindsey’s performance-talk will be followed by Q&A, and then by a facilitated Spiritual and Gospel sing-along and jam.

When: Friday, November 17th, at 7:30pm

Where: This event will take place in a private residence in Woodside, Queens, NY, close to public transportation. Seating limited, reservations required. Please call Steve or Marilyn Suffet at 718-786-1533 or e-mail steve[at]stevesuffet.com for reservations, location, and directions.

Admission: No admission charge, but voluntary contributions to help cover expenses are welcome. Recommended $10 for Folk Music Society of New York members, $12 for non-members.

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